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    • 1. How does an auction work?

      We receive our vehicles from a number of top insurers in South Africa. We hold auctions every week, where you can bid on a car you want to buy. If your price is the highest among all the bidders, the car will be reserved for you to buy. For more information on this process, click the button below.

      How it works
    • 2. Will the deposit be refunded?

      Yes, if you haven't bought any vehicles on auction. You can also deduct your deposit off your invoice amount. Alternatively, you can leave your deposit with us and join our loyalty programme as a Gold Member, which means faster registration for any future auctions.

    • 3. How do I pay for a vehicle?

      All payments must be done via EFT, directly at the bank, or online once you register.

      Register to make an online payment

    • 4. When do you pay for the vehicle?

      Payment must be made within 24 hours.

    • 5. What charges are made as fees and administration?

      Auction Nation charges an administration fee of 5% of the sale price + VAT, and a fee of R2365.00 + VAT on all sales.

    • 6. Can I view the vehicles before the auction?

      All vehicles can be viewed 24 hours before the auction.

    • 7. What are the vehicle codes?

      We sell vehicles of three code types:

      • Code 2: These are second hand used vehicles that have had one or more previous owners, or they've been recovered after having been stolen or they have been in a minor accident.

      • Code 3: These are Code 1 or Code 2 vehicles that have been involved in an accident and are unfit to use on the road. These cars have been structurally damaged and need substantial rebuilding before they can be deemed roadworthy.

      • Code 4: These are cars that can be sold as "parts only". They've been permanently damaged, which means that the chassis has either been compacted, compressed or melted.

    • 8. What is registration and how do I do it?

      In order for you to bid on an auction item - and so we can contact you – you'll need to register with us. You can do this in three ways: on the day, on the phone, or online by clicking the link below.

      Register to make an online payment

    • 9. What about delivery and collection?

      You'll need to arrange all vehicle collections. Should you need them, we have towing suppliers available. Please ask our staff for more information.

    • 10. Where can I see the list of vehicles on auction?

      You can see the vehicles on auction either on our website before the auction, or on the day of the auction at our premises.

      Vehicles currently up for auction

    • 11. Are mileages guaranteed?

      No mileage on auctioned vehicles are guaranteed.

  • How It Works

    We source our vehicles for auction from top insurers in the country including Auto & General, Dial Direct, 1st For Women, Virgin Insurance, Budget Insurance, AA Insurance and Virseker. Need any questions answered, visit the link below.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Step 1: Register

      To participate in the auction, you need to register. You can do this online, on the phone, or on the day of the auction. In order to take part we need a refundable deposit of R5000 from you and this needs to reflect in our account. For this reason we recommend that you pay in advance, via EFT, using your South African ID number or passport number as a reference. You can also use a credit card on the day to make your deposit payment.

      Even if you don’t buy anything on the day, you can leave the R 5 000 in our account, which means you’ll always be able to register for future auctions. By leaving the deposit with us, you’ll also be in line for our Gold loyalty card, which gives you great benefits. Email us below for more details –

      Email us
    • Step 2: Get your Buyer’s Number

      Once you’ve paid your R5000, you’ll receive a loyalty card. This card means we can process your pro-forma invoices faster, and you can easily register for any future auctions if the R5000 is active. We therefore recommend that you leave the deposit in our account. At Auction Nation, we offer three tiers of loyalty cards:

      • Red - This is your basic loyalty card that you get when you sign up with us. It gives you access to over 1000 vehicles every month and lets you make and process purchases quickly and easily. With this card, we’ll be able to alert you of any stock you’re looking for and we’ll notify you of any upcoming auctions in your area.

      • Gold - This is the next level loyalty card that you’ll receive if you leave your R5 000 deposit with us. As a Gold cardholder, you’ll receive early alerts to stock that’s available to buy before any other customers. You’ll also get preferential parking and a free car wash on auction days.

      • Diamond - These cards are given to volume buyers that have been hand selected by our directors. With a Diamond Card, you’ll get all the Gold Card benefits, plus you’ll get access to the VIP lounge with complementary refreshments at selected auction venues. As with the Gold Card, you’ll need to leave your R5 000 deposit with us in order to be eligible for it.

    • Step 3: Go to the auction

      Our vehicle auctions take place over the course of a single day – find one near you by clicking the button below. Our auction catalogue will be available two days before the auction date and vehicle viewing will be available the day prior to auction.

      Don’t forget to bring a copy of your South African ID on the day or your passport and a traffic register certificate if you’re not a South African citizen.

      If you haven’t paid your R5 000 deposit, you can pay as you arrive, via EFT or credit card. Remember though that the money will need to reflect in our account before you can participate in the auction, so we recommend you do this 48 hours or more before the auction takes place.

      Auctions in your area
    • Step 4: Start bidding

      Using your buyer’s number, start bidding! Once you’ve won your bids, go back to the invoice counter, which is clearly marked, swipe your loyalty card, and we’ll print out your pro-forma invoices. Please note that these invoices can’t be split, so if you’ve successfully bid on seven cars, you’ll need to pay for all seven in order for them to be released. Our hammer price is final, and there can be no negotiation afterwards.

    • Step 5: Pay for your vehicles

      Every pro-forma invoice includes a unique reference number, which is the same as your buyer’s number. Use this number on your payment as a reference when paying for your vehicles. Once the money reflects in our account, we’ll send you your invoice, which confirms payment.

    • Step 6: Collect your vehicles

      You’ve got 24 hours to collect your vehicles after the auction finishes. After that point, any damage that may happen to your vehicles is not our responsibility. If for any reason you can’t collect your vehicle, please tell us as soon as possible, as you’ll be charged storage for late collections.

      As the buyer, you must collect your vehicles yourself and you must bring along proof of payment. If someone else is collecting them, email us at collections@auctionnation.co.za stating who will be collecting them, along with a copy of their ID or passport and driver’s license. We need all this information along with all invoices paid in full, before any of the vehicles can be released. We can also organise to tow your car to the repair shop if necessary.

  • Sell your Vehicle

    Has your insurance claim been rejected? Are you looking to sell your car that’s classified as a Code 2, Code 3 or Code 4? We pay highly competitive prices and what’s more, well even collect the car free of charge (Ts &Cs apply).

    Contact Us To Sell Your Vehicle
  • Suppliers

    Auction Nation is backed by the best and we work with SA’s leading insurance companies. What does that mean for our clients? A large variety of cars at prices you just can’t beat. We’re proud to call these companies our partners:

  • Wholesale

    You can also get our vehicles at wholesale prices before they hit the auction floor! These vehicles have been hand selected by our managers as prime stock – they're just looking for a home before auction. So if you want to get in early come view our wholesale stock.

    You can only view and purchase these vehicles at our auction venues in Jo'burg, Cape Town and Durban. If they aren't sold on the wholesale floor, we will auction them off through our unique auction process.

    If you'd like to enquire about these vehicles please contact us below.

    Contact Us

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